Tulane Undergraduate Student Government

Programming Fund

Why Submit a Programming Request?

If your USG Recognized Student Organization would like to host an event not outlined on your annual budget you can apply for funding from the USG Programming Fund. The Programming Fund is a way for student organizations to try out new events, so if they are successful they can be built into future budgets, and if they are not successful their budget will not be negatively affected.

Who qualifies for Programming Funding?

 The Programming Fund is only available to USG sponsored student organizations who are eligible for funding. Individual students and academic departments are not permitted to apply.

When should my organization submit a programming request?

Organizations are recommended to submit at least 4 weeks in advance for events to ensure they are registered in advance on WaveSync and the USG Senate has time to hear the Finance Committee recommendation prior to the event.

The Programming Request form opens at the beginning of the fall semester and any event during the academic year may be submitted at any time. The sooner you can submit, the better!

What is the Programming Request Process?
  1. Your organization treasurer submits a Programming Request Form through your organization’s WaveSync portal
    1. Log into WaveSync
    2. In the top right-hand corner click on the nine-dot square and go to “Manage”
    3. Go to your organization’s page. This pulls up the management features of your organization (the backend of your organizations portal)
    4. Click on the three horizontal stacked lines by your organization’s name in the upper left to open the “Organization Tools” sidebar
    5. Then click on Finance in the “Organization Tools” sidebar
    6. On the Finance Page you will see “Budget Requests”, “Purchase Requests”, “Funding Requests”, and “Accounts”
    7. Go to “Create New Request” in the upper right and select “Create Funding Request”
    8. From here, follow instructions and select the funding type you would like to utilize (Programming Fund)
  2. Your organization’s advisor must approve your request
  3. The USG Vice President for Finance will send an email to arrange a hearing at the next available USG Finance Committee meeting
  4. You will present your request to the USG Finance Committee with the Vice President for Student Organizations and your respective council chair in attendance and should be prepared to answer any relevant questions. This meeting will take approximately 10 minutes. Attire is casual.
  5. The USG Finance Committee will vote on a funding recommendation that evening, to be brought to the USG Senate
  6. The request is then brought to the next regular Senate session for consideration and will be available contingent upon Senate approval
Filling out the Programming Request Form: Requirements

Include as much detail as possible about the speaker and or event your organization would like to host

Include information as to how you calculated the cost of the event/speaker

How do I spend my organizations programming allocation?

Option 1: Request for Payment

  • Submit a Request for Payment to pay for the event to pay in advance
  • This option requires substantial prior planning and early submission of the request

Option 2: T&E Card

  • If your advisor has a T&E Card, you can use this resource to pay for the event costs. If your advisor does not have a card, your organization can contact STA Travel to be invoiced (make sure to stay within the allocated amount)

Option 3: Reimbursement

  • You can pay for the event out of pocket, then fill out a reimbursement form in the SOC after your trip
    • When filling out, write “Programming” where the form asks for the natural accounts
  • In order to use this option, you MUST include an ITEMIZED RECEIPT that shows payments were made and proof of the event

Reimbursements must be submitted within 45 days following the last day of the event/program