Tulane Undergraduate Student Government

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Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee coordinates programming and academic initiatives and works to create a network of support for all students’ academic needs. If you have any questions, please reach out to Vice President of Academic Affairs, Ingeborg Hyde, at usgvpaa@tulane.edu.

Constitution and Bylaw Review

The Constitution and Bylaw Review Committee is responsible for updating and completing the USG Constitution and Bylaws, and oversees the USG structure and student org constitutions. The committee is chaired by USG’s Executive Vice President, Reagan McKinney, and any questions may be directed to her at usgevp@tulane.edu.


The Finance Committee is responsible for handling the Student Activity Fee and allocates money for all events, trips, and operating budgets with Tulane-recognized organizations. Please direct any questions to our Vice President of Finance, Michael Chen, at usgvpf@tulane.edu.

Student Safety

The Student Safety Committee works to improve the quality of life for all Tulane students and faculty. By coordinating with multiple campus departments, like TUPD and Housing and Residence Life, the committee is dedicated to hearing the concerns of our campus community and taking action. Events like Coffee with a Cop and the Student Safety Day Fair are hosted by our members. If you have any questions, please reach out to Director Holly Steinberg at usgsafety@tulane.edu. 

Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement Committee is the collaborative effort of students and organizations from across Tulane’s campus and political spectrum in order to register students as voters and engage them in current political issues. CEC is committed to using a variety of strategies, from registration drives to small-group interactions, to help Tulane students participate in civil life. If interested, please reach out to Olivia Mullaney at usgcivic@tulane.edu.

Student Health and Wellness

The Student Health and Wellness committee address issues regarding student health with a focus on mental health, sexual and reproductive health, and food insecurity and serves as a liaison between students, campus health, and Tulane administration. Please reach out to USG’s Director of Student Health and Wellness, LaKia Williams, at usgshaw@tulane.edu.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response committee is the USG body that aims to spearhead prevention and response initiatives, foster collaboration among student advocacy organizations, and engage students with the issue of sexual violence. We organize campus community events to involve students and faculty in creating a culture that does not tolerate sexual violence. If you have any questions, please reach out to USG’s Director of Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Karlyn Simcox. at usgdsvpr@tulane.edu.

Campus Services

The Campus Services Committee is dedicated to organizing projects that improve campus facilities and services such as dining, fitness, accessibility, and much more. We work with both faculty and students to create projects that will benefit Tulane’s campus and most importantly its students. The committee is chaired by USG’s Director of Campus Services, Will Burton, and any questions or interest may be directed to Will at usgdcs@tulane.edu.

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity

The Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity Committee offers a space for students to discuss and work on any issues or ideas that may be related to topics surrounding diversity, inclusion, and equity on and beyond Tulane’s campus. We strive to support marginalized communities and foster connections across our entire campus. Please contact the Director of Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity, Deja Wells, at usgdiec@tulane.edu with any questions. 

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Committee works to broadcast the services and initiatives from USG, and insure that USG is more transparent, more communicative, and more inclusive. The committee is chaired by USG’s Director of Communications, Sam Hoffman, and any questions may be directed to him at usgcomm@tulane.edu

Student Body Administrative Council

The Student body Administrative Council monitors and audits the status of new and existing student organizations and guides them through the representation and finance processes. Please direct questions to our Vice President of Student Organizations, Elsa Rothenberg, at usgvpso@tulane.edu.

Student Life

The Student Life Committee is the overarching body within USG that aims to better the undergraduate experience at Tulane. We organize all USG-sponsored events and initiatives in an effort to engage all students as well as all projects that pertain to student life. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Vice President of Student Life, Jamie Roa, at usgvpsl@tulane.edu.


The Sustainability Committee works to reduce Tulane’s environmental impact by creating policies, improving infrastructure, and increasing student involvement in the fight against climate change. Please email USG Director of Sustainability, Ella Cat Strahan, at usgsustain@tulane.edu with any questions or interest in creating a more sustainable campus!

COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 Response Committee (CRC) is a special ad hoc committee dedicated to the USG’s response to COVID-19. The committee strives to align the USG’s efforts with the efforts of the university, and streamline student access to resources during this time. It is crucial for student morale and the reopening of campus that the USG plays an active role in supporting students during this pandemic. Please email USG Chief of Staff, Brett Franklin, at usgcos@tulane.edu with any questions or interest in joining CRC.


Run for USG Executive Board!

Executive Board members are elected leaders both in USG and campus-wide. President, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Finance, Vice President for Student Life, and Vice President for Student Organizations all have specific and important roles to play in the Tulane community. Please reach out to any of our current Executive Board Members to learn more about each of these roles.

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Run For Your School's Government!

All five schools, Liberal Arts, Science and Engineering, Business, Public Health, and Architecture, have governing bodies within them that focus on cultivating a meaning full experience outside of classes within the school. This is put into action by creating fun events, hosting bonding activities with faculty members in the school, and providing opportunities for other students to get more involved. 

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