Reserve Fund

What is a USG Reserve Request?

Reserve Requests are requests for funding from the USG Reserve, which is an accumulation of unused Student Activity fee funds from prior years.

USG Reserve Requests are for one-time capital improvements, projects to improve the campus community or major equipment purchases that do not fall under the purview of an annual budget.

What are some examples of Reserve-funded projects?
  • A new boat for Club Rowing
  • The water bottle filling station on Freret
  • The outdoor classroom
  • Booths on the first floor of the library
  • A transmitter for WTUL
What are some things I need to consider before submitting a Reserve Request?

The Reserve should be your last step, once you have your estimates worked out and your project planned out. Where necessary, you should reach out to:

  • Your organization’s advisor
  • The campus architect
  • Facilities Services
  • Other applicable campus offices and partners

If you are not sure where to start or you need help, reach out to the Vice President for Finance at or Jane Rushing at These individuals represent you and are in positions to help you realize your goals of bettering the campus.

What is the Reserve Request process?
  1. Your organization treasurer submits a Reserve Request Form through your organization’s WaveSync portal
    1. Log into WaveSync
    2. In the top right-hand corner click on the nine-dot square and go to “Manage”
    3. Go to your organization’s page. This pulls up the management features of your organization (the backend of your organizations portal)
    4. Click on the three horizontal stacked lines by your organization’s name in the upper left to open the “Organization Tools” sidebar
    5. Then click on Finance in the “Organization Tools” sidebar
    6. On the Finance Page you will see “Budget Requests”, “Purchase Requests”, “Funding Requests”, and “Accounts”
    7. Go to “Create New Request” in the upper right and select “Create Funding Request”
    8. From here, follow instructions and select the funding type you would like to utilize (Reserve Fund)
  2. Important files you will need in order to submit the Reserve Request include:
    1. A full list of members in the organization(s)
    2. Estimated costs breakdown. Materials, installments, payments, equipment, etc, etc, etc.
    3. All correspondence with Tulane administration or other entities to implement the plan if funded.
    4. All the information you have for this request.
    5. A  Memorandum of Understanding signed by a project representative and the USG President.
  3. Your organization’s advisor must approve your request
  4. The USG Vice President for Finance will send an email to arrange a hearing at the next available finance committee meeting
  5. You will present your request to the Finance Committee and be prepared to answer any relevant questions. This meeting will take approximately 10 minutes. Attire is casual.
  6. The Finance Committee will vote on a funding recommendation that evening (or possibly at the following meeting, to be brought to Senate
  7. The recommendation will be brought to the Senate at the next regular Senate session
  8. You will be informed of the Senate’s decision via email
How do I spend my Reserve allocation?

When submitting a Request for Payment in WaveSync, simply list “Reserve” as your Account Number

You must spend allocated Reserve funding within one year from the date when the allocation is approved in USG Senate