Motivation Money

What is Motivation Money?

Motivation Money is an auxiliary source of funding which can be used for items not funded through the Annual Budget (food at meetings, T-shirts, etc) or programming for your organization.

The money comes from the Provisions Market in the Commons and is allocated by the USG and the USG Finance Committee.

How do I apply?
  1. Your organization treasurer submits a Motivation Money Request through the form on WaveSync by November 15, 2019
    1. Fill out this Motivation Money Application for your organization:
You will need the following in order to fill out the full application:
  1. Organization President and Treasurer Name and contact info
  2. A list of active members including: (An active member for this purpose should be someone who regularly attends meetings and participates in your organization. This is NOT your WaveSync list or your email listserve. This list should be based on event attendance or active volunteering.)
    1. Name
    2. Position (if applicable)
    3. Year (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc.)
    4. Tulane email
  3. Number of officers in the organization
  4. If any of your officers have completed a OneWave, One Love, or SAPHE Training since Spring 2018, please list the following:
    1. Name
    2. Position
    3. Training completed
    4. Date attended
  5. A signed roster from 1 regular meeting of your organization
How does the Motivation Money process work?
  1. Your organization’s treasurer submits an application using the form developed for the fiscal year (See “How Do I Apply?”)
  2. The VPF will verify your application and the submitted membership list, and enter your information into the developed model
  3. Once all applications have been submitted, the VPF will adjust the model to fully allocate the available funds
  4. The Motivation Money allocation will be approved in the Finance Committee, and subsequently at a regular Senate session
  5. You can access the funding by submitting a Request for Payment in WaveSync before June 1st; simply list “Motivation” as your Account Number