To allocate the Student Activity Fee to student organizations in an efficient and timely manner, and to ensure transparency of processes, deadlines, policies, and decisions. The Finance Committee must strive to find a balance between funding large organizations and events and funding smaller organizations and events to ensure impactful allocation of funds for all students.


Contact Information:

Vice President for Finance, Michael Chen, ‪(504) 408-1610‬,

Vice President for Finance Office Hours: Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 4:00-6:00PM; By Appointment

Associate Director of the LBC for Administration and Finance: Jane Rushing,


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Finance Committee Members

Name Position Email Council Preferences
Michael Chen Vice President for Finance; Chair ALL
Jane Rushing Associate Director for Administration and Finance ALL
Kelsey Worley A.B. Freeman School of Business Senator Academic, Interest, Service/CACTUS
Sam Fox A.B. Freeman School of Business Senator Religious, Academic, Club Sports
Zach Rubin A.B. Freeman School of Business Senator Media; Club Sports; Religious
Zoë Ortiz A.B. Freeman School of Business Senator Service/CACTUS; Student Governance; Interest
Lisa Moomaw School of Liberal Arts Senator Club Sports; Service/CACTUS; Academic
Kelsey Peltz School of Science & Engineering Senator Political, Media, Club Sports
Koutsbuh Pareek School of Science & Engineering Senator Multicultural, Student Governance, Performance
Kalil Mosquera Freshman Leadership Program Multicultural, Service/CACTUS, Student Governance
Labomi Osikoya Freshman Leadership Program Student Governance; Academic; Club Sports
Adele Namboodri Student-at-Large Academic, Political, Student Governance
Carolyn Grammer Student-at-Large Student Governance; Academic; Political
Delaney Biggins Student-at-Large; Vice Chair Gender & Sexuality; Interest; Media
Diego Pinzon Student-at-Large Multicultural; Academic; Student Governance
Kayla Mitchell Student-at-Large Club Sports; Service/CACTUS; Political
Sofia Pedrelli Student-at-Large Academic, Service/CACTUS, Interest