Vice President for Finance, John Harris Alexander,

Vice President for Finance Office Hours: Wednesday(s) 11:00AM – 3:00PM or by appointment in the Student Organization Center

Associate Director of the LBC for Administration and Finance, Jane Rushing,

The USG Finance Committee shall be responsible for the allocation of the USG General Fund Student Activity Fee across student organizations and the management of the USG Reserve Fund for large, capital improvements.


Auxiliary Funds

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Finance Committee Members

Name: Role: Email:
Jane Rushing Associate Director for Administration and Finance, LBC
John Harris Alexander Vice President for Finance
Olivia Johnson Freeman Student Government Senator
Michael Chen School of Liberal Arts Government Senator
Raj Maity School of Science and Engineering Student Government Senator
Koustubh Pareek Senator
Kenichi Yamaguchi Senator
Raymond Baltz Senator
Deja Wells Senator
Dean Miller FLP
Janaki Sundaresan FLP
Zach Rubin FLP
Danny Levin Student At Large
Ryan Kosson Student At Large
Marlene Rees Student At Large
Parshva Vakharia Student At Large
Zoe Ortiz Student At Large