Tulane Undergraduate Student Government

Reallocation Requests

If your organization finds that funds need to be shifted from 1 natural account to another within the budget utilize a Reallocation Request. Please note Reallocation Requests should be used sparingly as it can be a sign of improper allocation in the budget request process on behalf of an organization. 

The process for Reallocation Requests is below:

  1. 1. Log into WaveSync
  2. In the top right-hand corner click on the nine-dot square and go to “Manage”
  3. Go to your organization’s page. This pulls up the management features of your organization (the backend of your organizations portal)
  4. Click on the three horizontal stacked lines by your organization’s name in the upper left to open the “Organization Tools” sidebar
  5. Then click on Finance in the “Organization Tools” sidebar
  6. On the Finance Page you will see “Budget Requests”, “Purchase Requests”, “Funding Requests”, and “Accounts”
  7. Go to “Create New Request” in the upper right and select “Create Budget Request”
  8. From here utilize the budget form titled “Reallocation Requests”